Junior Golf: Sometimes It’s Tough

In this Friday Flop Shot we will look at the times it is tough being the parent of an athlete, particularly the parent of a junior golfer. There are an infinite number of ways to deal with your own emotions when you are watching your son during a tournament. Let’s talk about some things for parents to do that are helpful to your child’s success.img_0106-1

It’s easy when your son is playing well. We, parents, are all smiles and thumbs up. But what is your reaction when he triple-bogies the 1st hole? Do you show some negative body language, turn away, drop your head, throw your hands up or mutter something uncomplimentary? Here’s where it is particularly tough for parents because we are human and we want our kids to do well. Your son sees and hears everything you do. The last thing he wants is to disappoint you and he will surely glance your way after a good shot as well as after a poor shot. Parents, we must BE the parents and in spite of how our heartstrings are being shredded by a bad hole or 2 we must be the ones who continue to smile and give a thumbs up to our youngsters who are in the midst of some poor shots. Whatever it takes, laser this into your brain! Folks, we are our kiddos #1 fans and support system. Act like it! (photo offcoursegolf.com)

This isn’t his last golf tournament so he will have plenty of chances to shoot some good scores. Relax and enjoy the time you have been given to be with your young golfer on a beautiful golf course. Set the example for other parents and fans. As you attend more and more tournaments, you will see shocking behavior from other parents, not in every event, but a few times each year. Frankly, once S3 started playing in college tournaments, I thought that the college parents we were around for 4 enjoyable years were the most pleasant, relaxed, knowledgeable and respectful parents and fans we had ever seen. Great atmosphere and met some super people!image

Sometimes, unfortunately, it takes seeing someone else act up to perhaps enable us to see what we might look like when we exhibit an undesirable act during a round. I’ll always remember when S3 was dealing with some intermittent anger issues. Then in a tournament he watched another guy go ballistic with his anger, I’m talking scary crazy here, and S3 said, “Wow, Dad, that was horrible! Is that how I look? I don’t want to be like that.” That 1 example from a peer made the point that all my words could not. Amazing! Here I am with S3 on #15 on the beautiful Ocean Course at Hammock Beach Resort in Palm Coast, Florida.

See you on #1 tee in a good mood… Sam

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